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Our History

It began as Eden Lodge No. 113 When it received its dispensation from the Grand Lodge on the recommendation of Live Oak Lodge No. 61, on February 07, 1857. It was then chartered on May 14, 1857. The First master was WB Powhattan E. Edmondson, with a total of 16 members. In 1985, after 129 years of existence Eden Lodge merged with Standard Lodge No. 440.


Standard Lodge No. 440 received its dispensation on October 13, 1913 and was chartered on October 15, 1914. WB George H. Wellington was its first master with 42 members.  After 72 years of existence, it merged with Eden Lodge No. 113 and became Eden-Standard Lodge No. 113.


Eden-Standard Lodge No. 113 started in 1986 having WB Robert E. Epperhart as its first master. 13 years later, in 1998, it merged with Fruitvale Lodge No. 336.

Fruitvale Lodge No. 336 was issued dispensation on February 10, 1899 and its charter on October 12th of the same year. Its first master was WB James P. Slavan. The lodge was 100 Years old when it merged with then 13 years old Eden-Standard Lodge No. 113 and became Fruitvale Lodge No. 113.


Fruitvale Lodge No. 113’s First master was WB Michael E. Orona in 1999 and after only 5 years in existence, it merged with Alcatraz Lodge No. 244 in 2003.

Alcatraz Lodge No. 244, also known as the “Railroad Lodge” in the jurisdiction, received its dispensation on October 25, 1876 and its charter on October 11, 1877. Its first Master was WB Charles H. Redington. 

After existing for 128 years, it merged with the 5 year-old Fruitvale Lodge No. 113 in 2003 to become what is now known as San Leandro No. 113, with WB Del B. Endrina, as its first Master in 2004. 


San Leandro Lodge No. 113 is composed of the following Lodges:


1. Eden Lodge No. 113* | (1857-1985=129 Years)

2. Standard Lodge No. 440* | (1913-1985=72 Years)

3. Eden-Standard Lodge No. 113 | (1986-1998=13 Years)

4. Fruitvale Lodge No. 336* | (1899-1998=100 Years)

5. Fruitvale Lodge No. 113 | (1999-2003=5 Years)

6. Alcatraz Lodge No. 244 * | (1876-2003=128 Years)

7. San Leandro Lodge No. 113 | (2004 – To Date)


San Leandro Lodge No. 113 is a product of 4* Original lodges and 3 mergers. We are now proud to claim, that we have a total of 450+ Years of Masonic work.



First Master of San Leandro Lodge No. 113

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